What are the alternatives to rhinoplasty

Many people are looking for alternatives to plastic surgery of nose also called rhinoplasty for small and large facial blemishes. Among the many small complexes of each, more and more attempts are made to correct the imperfections that affect the nose.

Is it necessary to resort to rhinoplasty to obtain a perfect profile?

The skin of the face is under constant stress, think about the number of muscles we move when we speak and the number of emotions we transmit by squinting our foreheads and blocking our eyes. These expressions mark our skin which, over time and the loss of collagen and elastin, leads to the formation of real wrinkles. In addition, another important factor in sagging skin is gravity. The force of gravity is constantly acting on our body, especially when we are around 50 years old, causing the tip of the nose to sag, the ears to stretch and the eyelids to sag.

The nose is one of the protagonists of the face, located in the central part of the face, it can be seen immediately. It can have various shapes and is not always regular.

When the lack of harmony makes life “difficult” for us, the nose represents an unpleasant defect for us, to such an extent that we have thought several times to resort to surgery; know that it is now possible to reshape the defects of the nose with hyaluronic acid, a precious ally of aesthetic medicine.

Non Surgical rhinoplasty, is it better than surgical rhinoplasty?

The technique, called non-surgical rhinoplasty, consists of an injection of hyaluronic acid which can be done both on the tip of the nose by reducing its size and raising it, and on the sides of the nose by removing the bumps present on the nose. septum.

The treatment is non-invasive and guarantees excellent results without having to resort to painful surgery. As hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable and bioresorbable substance, the treatment should be repeated every 6 to 8 months.

The nose, due to genetics or trauma, can take a shape that we do not accept, leading to deeper and deeper complexes that do not allow us to live in peace.

Until recently, the only solution to getting the nose we always wanted was rhinoplasty.

Thanks to the continuous studies which update the field of aesthetic medicine year after year, a new type of treatment has been born, which allows to reshape the nose and make it more beautiful, the RINOFILLER. For large defects of the nose, a rhinoplasty or nose job remains the solution to consider.


This new method consists of a rapid and painless injection of hyaluronic acid which can be carried out at different points of the nose, which makes it more harmonious and corrects defects.

When the goal is to lift the tip, the injection is done at the base, otherwise if you want to reduce the curvatures or “bumps” of the septum, the injections will be done on the sides in order to make the nose more uniform.

How is the RINOFILLER treatment carried out?

Once the nose and the patient’s preferences have been analyzed, the patient is placed on the couch, where the makeup is removed, the area to be treated is disinfected and anesthetized with a little cream. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, the injection is given.

The actual duration is approximately 10 minutes and does not involve post-processing. Once the treatment is complete, the patient can safely resume their daily activities.

The nose will be immediately different from the first application.

What does the RINOFILLER consist of?

This is a filling treatment based on hyaluronic acid which allows to obtain a non-surgical remodeling of the shape of the nose, thanks to micro-injections carried out at strategic points established according to the defect presented by the patient. patient. The main advantage of the treatment is the short duration of each session and the achievable results that are immediately visible without long waits.

Does the treatment correct any cosmetic defect?

With the rinofiller, we can remedy a slightly pronounced bump, a deep nasal root, a slightly protruding or slightly rotating tip as well as small asymmetries of the back. It is therefore specified that the treatment, and therefore the doctor, provides for a redefinition of the contours of the nose, which cannot modify the bone-cartilage structure.

The rinofiller aims exclusively to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and not to correct it definitively. The result is not permanent and it is therefore recommended to follow medical sessions over time to prolong the effects.

If one suffers from respiratory problems, treatment with rinofiller is not possible. It remains only to resort to plastic surgery and rhinoseptoplasty.

Indications: advantages and disadvantages

Rinofiller is considered one of the so-called gentle aesthetic treatments, because very often this technique is used to reshape the aesthetics of the nose without necessarily resorting to classic rhinoplasty, resulting in fractures, incisions, tampons, chalk, etc.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed using (fillers) hyaluronic acid and botulinum, which is meant to relax the muscles it is injected into. These absorbable products are practically harmless and still give an excellent result.

This procedure aims to fill in irregular areas, slightly lift the tip of the nose, and lift the root of the nose itself. In most cases, you can also remove the typical lump by injecting fillers above and below it.

The main advantage of non-surgical rhinoplasty is the harmonization of a nose with irregular curves. In fact, this is not a suitable technique for all imperfections: in the case of a large nose, it is not recommended, as filling in the hollows increases the actual size and, therefore, a nose. already large would be even more voluminous even if it has regular contours!

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