What is moon water? What are its uses and benefits?

What is moon water? What are its uses and benefits?

Moon water is basically a type of water which is charged with the energies of the full Moon. Soothing, protective and energizing: the waves of the Full Moon give water many beneficial virtues. You can very easily make lunar water at home. To do this, all you need is a jar or large bowl and purified mineral water. Every Full Moon night, pour the mineral water into the jar. Inform the water with your positive intentions (what you want to accomplish and see changed), then place the jar under the rays of the Moon for a few hours. You can add crystals, seashells or even sea salt in the water, in order to fill the energies. Do not let your lunar water overnight, unless you get up before the sun. To be fully charged, the water must not see the sun’s rays.

What is it exactly?

It is simply water recharged by the energies of the full moon, which are at their maximum power during these magical hours.

How does it work?

The waves emitted by the lunar rays are picked up by the water molecules. They remain trapped in the liquid while retaining their energetic properties.


Properties of moon water are:

  • It is very protective and powerful
  • Used for regenerating
  • Has soothing effect
  • Acts as a purifying agent
  • Very energetic water

How to make moon water?

It is very simple to charge water with lunar energy. It can be done very easily at home.

Making moon water during the Full Moon

Of course, it all starts on a Full Moon night. To know when the next Full Moon will take place, rely on our lunar calendar. Take a glass container, avoid plastic at all costs. At night Full Moon, fill it with purified mineral water or spring water and let your container a few hours under the moonlight.

Caution: Do not leave your moon water on overnight. To be fully charged, the water must not see the sun’s rays.

If you have a special request or desire, you can arrange some gemstones around your container. For example, rose quartz to attract love, green aventurine to make your projects successful, etc.

Lunar water + crystals: An energetic synergy

Moon water is an energy elixir that will reinforce the benefits of stones, or act in addition to their action. This synergy, directly to your contact, will increase your vibratory potential tenfold. 

Examples of moon water use:

  • as a talisman inside a necklace-vial
  • as a regenerating spray or roll-on for the face
  • crystal cleaning
  • in cure as drink (with or without plants / crystals)
  • as a purifying spray for the home
  • in irrigation water to stimulate and protect plants
  • as an aqueous element in home cosmetics
  • to soothe babies, children
  • rinsing the hair to stimulate growth
  • in the bath water

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Other Benefits and uses of moon water

As a fortifying drink 

You can cure it by drinking a glass every morning, you can also use it to prepare tea or infuse herbs to boost your tone, and your immune system.

To water your plants:

A good way to protect your garden and to feed them abundantly.

In cleaning spray: 

For example, to do spiritual cleansing or make bad vibrations go away , you can put your moon water in a spray with sage to cleanse, lavender to soothe and relax, or an amethyst to stimulate your creativity. Spray in your rooms, in your car or on your bed.

In rinsing: 

To grow your hair, you can also, after shampooing, rinse it with moon water.

To recharge your stones: 

By dint of being used, precious stones lose their energy, so you have to recharge them, you can use this moon water to do it. Soak them at least overnight.

A massage: 

Mixed with a little massage oil, this moon water can provide a soothing massage that will also free you from your fears.

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