What is the best heated vest? 2022 collection

What is the best heated vest? 2022 collection

The best heated vests on the market

For those who wish to spend long moments in the open air, being well equipped is an essential criterion. Indeed, the heated vest turns out to be essential to be outdoors in cold weather.

As an outdoor sports and leisure enthusiast, this equipment has always been one of my essentials, but it can also be adapted to other situations (professional activity, hunting, motorcycling, skiing, bicolouring, etc.).

As I like to equip myself with the best, I have done a lot of research on the subject. To help you make your choice among the many models of heated vests on the market, I have decided to share with you this complete buying guide.

Here is my selection of 3 models that stand out in relation to the different criteria (material, power, autonomy, price). They also have good ratings and reviews from users.

The Comparative

Heated jacket with WIGO switch: Best selling 

With specific heating elements for the back, neck and stomach, this vest also has a down lining to provide good warmth to the entire bust. Little extra for the softness of the fabric on the skin and the optimal protection it also offers against the cold.

The temperature is adjusted in seconds with a single button. The 3 heating modes available allow you to select the right temperature according to your needs. Machine washable, it can be reused over and over again without any risk. This model offers a very good quality / price ratio.

Note that on Amazon, you will have up to 30 days after purchase to return your product for free if it does not suit you.

PROSMART battery heated vest: Battery Included 

This model has 3 heating zones (back, chest, collar) and a single button adjustment mode, which allows you to have a good temperature in line with your needs. High temperature (red), medium temperature (white) or low temperature (blue), each level is linked to a specific color to facilitate the process. Very useful!  

I recommend this model since it comes with a 10000mAh battery which can also be used to recharge your equipment during your outings in the open air. By the way, the battery life (around 10 hours ) is also a big plus for me with this PROSmart heated jacket. 

BOSCH unisex heated jacket: Top of the range

Exterior made with exclusively polyester, this heated vest from the famous Bosch brand is the top of the range model. Designed to provide significant comfort and real safety to its wearer, this heated jacket is equipped with a voltage of 12 volts for good warmth during entertaining or professional practices. 

Users recommend this heated vest because it grants a lot of freedom of movement. They say they are not embarrassed to carry out the various activities. The heated jacket perfectly hugs the body of its wearer, an essential criterion for outdoor activities in complete freedom.

Best Brand: BOSCH

One of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world, the German multinational BOSCH is in my opinion the best brand to favor if you want to have a quality and efficient heated jacket. Known since its beginnings in 1886 for the tools and other high-end materials that it launches on the market, the creator of the company of Robert Bosch currently has several sites in the world. Currently in France alone, the brand has a turnover of more than 77.9 billion euros, proof that the brand is a reference in terms of equipment of all kinds.

This professional brand in the field of automotive equipment, home, industry and private use has been delighting its customers for more than 134 years. Today you could take advantage of the expertise of the German structure through this multi-use heated jacket. 

How to choose a quality heating vest?

Model you gilet

There are 2 very distinct prototypes of heated vests: the sleeveless version and the full option. Each of these choices has their own advantages, however, it is better to refer to the main use to be able to select the right model.

In my opinion, do-it-yourselfers and hunters may prefer heated hunting vests or battery-powered heated vests without sleeves so as not to be hampered in the practice of their activity. On the one hand, skiers and bikers will particularly appreciate the integral models with handles to be perfectly protected from the cold. 

Besides, I also recommend that you consider your own preferences when choosing. No matter what activity to do while wearing your heated vest, you would never be comfortable if you didn’t have a suit to match your tastes.

In addition, it is very likely that you want to start the purchase of a heated jacket so that it can warm you in winter during your outings. Depending on what you like, you might find the right model! 

Battery autonomy and power 

When selecting, also take into account the autonomy offered by the battery of the heated vest to acquire. It is good to know that the autonomy depends on the power of the charge accumulator used.

The best prototypes powered at 18V will be able to give you up to 10 hours of heating however, the average runtime is estimated at around 8 hours so that the wearer can be provided with a good temperature throughout the day. 

Depending on the activity you always want to undertake, you might get an idea of ​​the minimum autonomy required. For an evening motorbike trip over a short distance, I advise you to take a heated motorcycle vest with an autonomy of 5 hours powered by a 12 V battery.

In addition, if you plan to ski for a whole day, bet on a more powerful battery-powered heated vest that can last at least 8 hours. 


While the heated jacket will definitely not be my go-to outfit (and not yours either) for climbing the steps at the Cannes Film Festival, its design is also an important parameter of choice.

Currently, manufacturers do not skimp on the means to be able to offer stylish heated vests to their customers. And as a winter piece that has become a trend in recent years, electric heated vests are available in more specific designs. 


The last criterion and not the least important will be the price. Here it will be simply important to refer to your budget for such an acquisition. The prices of heated vests vary widely depending on the features however, you might find performance models at low prices. 

How to wash a heated vest? 

Contrary to popular belief, washing a heated jacket does not require complex handling. Indeed, the internal heating wires and their contact with liquid can seem risky according to the novices. However, to properly maintain your electric heated vest, I simply advise you to remove the battery to avoid flooding the electronic card of your jacket.

Thereafter, treat the stains if necessary using your usual stain remover (otherwise, recommend the use of a simple Marseille soap) and a toothbrush. Finally, put your heated vest in the machine to then let it air dry and voila! 

This article is now complete, I hope it helped you find the model you were looking for. Also to know that I did an article on the best heated gloves and heated jackets (thicker), I think you might be interested in them. Goodbye!

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