Wolf cut: The trendiest haircut

Wolf cut: The trendiest haircut from TikTok

Recently, the wolf cut haircut has become popular in TikTok: videos with it collect millions of views. The girls show the haircut process, tell you how to style it and with what looks to combine it. If you want a stylish and voluminous hairstyle, then the “wolf” haircut is just for you.

What is wolf cut

Wolf cut is a relaxed hairstyle with bangs, layers on the crown like in shaggy and long hair on the back of the head like in a mallet. It has become especially popular among Asians – their heavy and straight hair often wants lightness and volume. This hairstyle looks disheveled, as if you just woke up and did not have time to comb. But this is the zest – this is fashionable sloppiness, in the once fashionable messy bun bun, for example.

How to wear a wolf cut

With a mallet bias

mallet bias

Layered ragged bangs and a mallet-like back of the head create a rockstar look. If you love the 70s aesthetic then this hairstyle is definitely for you.

With curls

With curls

Even curls look cool with this haircut! It turns out to be a very voluminous hairstyle that will decorate every girl with curly hair.

With long hair

With long hair

If you like more radical looks, then be sure to do a wolf cut with long hair. The combination of a head of hair at the top and straight long strands at the bottom creates that very fashionable sloppiness for which this hairstyle is so loved.

With short hair

With short hair

Probably the most popular type of “wolf” haircut. It looks soft and delicate, so it is suitable even for those who like neat hairstyles.

With a shaggy slant

With a shaggy slant

The light version of the shaggy is the wolf cut. Make a haircut with a few layers for the trendiest look.

How to lay the wolf cut

Without styling, this hairstyle can be very flat, so be sure to stock up on a good styling mousse. It is the mousse that will help the hair to be voluminous, but at the same time it will perfectly fix the hairstyle. Apply it to damp hair and sushi with a hair dryer or naturally.

But think about hair health too: with a lot of styling, hair can dry out. Be sure to moisturize them with masks, conditioners, and leave-in products when you wash your hair. Choose options for curly hair – they moisturize the best.

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