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Best Bumble and Honey Bee Tattoo Ideas and Styles

Know the history, bee tattoo meaning, and 5 best honey bee tattoo ideas and styles.(An updated guide on honey bee tattoo 2021)

Honey bees have had a lot more to admire in the past. These hard-working yellow-black nature insects pollinate crops, produce beeswax, generate honey, and many more. Moreover, these honey bees are crucial and smart for our environment and nature.

Secrets behind Honey Bee Tattoo:

Due to less population left over, these bees are becoming a major Bee tattoo trend nowadays. You may have probably seen a number of individuals having such tattoos inked on their different body parts.

If you are the one who likes such tattoo images and you also want to craft them on your body with a tattoo machine, then read this article carefully. Below in this article, we are going to show different styles and designs of them from which you can choose your favorite pattern.

What are Honey Bees?

Honey bees are the type of bees that are pretty misunderstood for being somehow similar to spiders or any other such insect existing on the planet Earth. Furthermore, these bees are very much important for the nurturing and reproduction of several plants, crops, trees, and many more, all of which are significant for the survival of human beings on Earth.

Honey Bee

What would have happened if there were no honey bees?

Without these remarkable bees, people would not get or have any chocolate, coffee, and many more sugary items made from them. So needless to say, such bees have great importance that can’t be overstated. A bumblebee or a small honey bee is thus an essential aspect of the spreading of plants and the survival of living beings, proving a notable part of the natural world.
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Honey Bee Tattoos

While they seem rare or unheard of, these tattoos are becoming popular day by day over the past few years. The tattoos are cartoonish images that are somewhat inked on different body parts of human beings.

As tattoos, they may be designed either alone or in conjunction with different natural elements such as flowers, leaves, clouds, and many more. They are often portrayed either in the form of a cartoonish look or in a realistic form.  

Regardless of different designs, these tattoos hold and present distinct meanings for several individuals. Some people love to have them to have a unique sense of loyalty. While some other persons get them inked to symbolize their love and care for someone. On the other hand, sometimes these soulful insects’ tattoos express their desire to be that soulful too. Moreover, a rare queen honey bee tattoo indicates the real meaning of fertility.

Further in the article below, you will learn about the different meanings and symbols of those tattoos. Moreover, we have also mentioned the ideas and top 5 styles of popular insects Tattoos styles.

Honey Bee Tattoo

Honey Bee Tattoo meaning and Designs

This bee is a highly accepted and diligent insect all over the world. With such an honorable and prestigious eminent background, it is of no shock that why human beings acknowledge them as something very fascinating. The inking of Honey Bee Tattoos comprises a number of feelings and traditional components like:

  • Creation
  • Spirituality
  • Divinity
  • Love and affection
  • Creation and development
  • Family terms
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • prosperity
  • Nobility
  • Eloquence and many more
Bee Tattoo meaning

However, this tiny insect tattoo is loved by people of all ages worldwide. other than Manchester.  

Furthermore, the very famous honey bees have been playing a significant role in the production of food (honey) and the pollination of different beautiful flowers. Even some species of them love to live in the form of a family either in colonies or hives. 

Despite tens of thousands of such bees accommodating a single hive, they excellently manage to live and sustain themselves in their community. For all these reasons people associate these inked Bee Tattoos with several positive meanings including the following things:

  • Family
  • Structure
  • Sweetness
  • Honey
  • Duty
  • Honor
  • Hard work
  • Routine management
  • Protection
  • Loyalty
  • Unity
  • Defense
  • Soul
  • Unity
  • Intelligence
  • Fertility and many more

Besides all these positive meaning and their influences, the tattoos of honey bees hold great significance in varying cultures and traditional customs. A good example of this thing is a bee Honey beehive. That hive had been utilized in the wars past long. That is why it is used as a symbol of defense and protection in Greece and Rome. Moreover, such hive tattoos are also inked as an indication of hoping of living a sweet life.

Honey Bee Tattoo quote

Where Do People Get Those Bee Tattoo Inked on Their Bodies?

Most women love to have them inked on their:

  1. wrist
  2. ankle
  3. finger spaces
  4. hands
  5. arms
  6. shoulder blades
  7. stomach
  8. behind the ears
  9. back
  10. waistline and many more

While on the other hand, men usually prefer to ink those tattoos on their:

  1. Biceps
  2. Chest
  3. Arms
  4. Legs
  5. Back
  6. Forearms
  7. Behind ears
  8. Neck and many more
Honey Bee Tattoos

Famous Honey Bee Tattoo Styles and Design Ideas

The honeybees-styled and bumble bee tattoo designs can be inked in several ways either in different sizes, colors, patterns, and many more. All of them look equally stunning when imprinted on different body parts of human beings. However, the decency of the tattoo readily depends on the skill and experience of a tattoo artist.

Moreover, the kind of art one chooses directly corresponds to one’s own choice. Numerous variations and customizations can be done within designing if someone is looking for a kind of uniqueness and inspiration, the internet is filled up with such designs. You can choose anyone according to your own taste.

  1. Bee spellings
  2. Petite tattoo of a honey bee
  3. Colorful Bee Tattoo
  4. Anger or romance tattoo showing bee
  5. Feminine power tattoo
  6. Queen bee tattoo designs
  7. Teamwork and social creatures’ tattoos
  8. Individual Perseverance
  9. Power of Sun
  10. Bumble bee Tattoos
  11. Honeycomb tattoo
  12. Beehive tattoo and many more
Bee Tattoo ideas

Bees are neither always nice nor bad either. It is known by understanding them closely better; Who are these tiny creatures and what is their significance in nature? Moreover, their inked tattoos have their own distinguished meanings. Whatever design anyone chooses to have on his body indicates his preferences and styling choices.

List of Top 5 Best Bee Tattoos Designs

Probably the most outstanding thing about the tattoos is that they rock the look of everyone who gets them inked on their bodies. Regardless of your personal style preferences, all can find an ideal insect tattoo which he liked the most.

And in this guide, we are going to show you the top styles of honey bees’ styled tattoos to inspire you and have a choose the one that attracts you the most. Moreover, we are also going to describe the strategy and theme behind that design so that it will be easy to select the best for you. So, check out our most elegant, edgiest, and prettiest Bee styled Tattoo ideas below:

  1. Queen Bee Tattoo
Best Honey Bee Tattoo

Among all the different honey bees, the queen bee is crucial of all in a hive. That is because she is the only female honey bee that lives with fully developed ovaries. So, she possesses immense importance for the survival of the whole colony. moreover, she lays eggs in the combs of a hive and produces different chemical scents that naturally regulate the unity of the bees of a colony.

For this major reason, the queen bee tattoo stands for;

  • power
  • feminine energy
  • growth
  • fertility
  • motherhood and many more

Furthermore, she is the most powerful and ideal figure in the whole hive. That oozes her positive vibes that most people think to emulate through its tattoo.

While some other individuals opt for having an actual representation of the respectable queen bee as a real tattoo.

And still, a few persons love to add a tiny crown on their inked queen bee tattoo just to make it a little bit more creative.

  1. Beehive Tattoo
Beehive bee Tattoo

Next, the beehive tattoo is most commonly associated with prosperity and wealth. That is one of the major reasons that why so many individuals still have a firm belief in not removing or displacing honey bee nests from their original place.

 If the idea of prosperity and wealth from traditional thinking appeals to you, then in comparison to all the other Bee Tattoo designs, the beehive tattoo will prove great for you. Whether you appreciate you already possessing wealth or not. Or, you are striving to earn money and increase it is worth day by day, this astonishing tattoo can represent your wealthier goals perfectly.

Also, there is a wide range of beehive tattoo styles in the market. You can adapt to the one that you like and believe is the most suitable for you. Besides simple realistic beehive inked tattoos, you can customize them with various out-of-the-box imaginary ideas like adding some flowers or other elemental designs. Each imagery you choose will have its own meaning that no other can complement. That is because each design element tends to possess a unique symbolism behind the beehive.

  1. Honeycomb Tattoo
Honeycomb bee Tattoo

Honeycomb is the fundamental place where all the honey bees tend to store their produced honey. The first thing that anyone notices of a honeycomb is its elemental structure. All the compartments are uniquely aligned in it forming a perfect shape and clarified structure.

All the thanks of this nature best design relate to honey bees. Their intelligence and designing strategies are absolutely brilliant. That is why honeycomb tattoos most frequently symbolize perfection and fertility. The reason behind this is that it is that special place where the female and male bees’ mate and lay eggs. For this basic reason, both men and women alike can ink and wear this Bee Tattoo.

Mostly calm men who are looking for inner peace by having everything in a precise order love to ink this tattoo. While on the other hand, most women tend to rock this tattoo for being proud of their femininity.

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Furthermore, similar to a honeycomb tattoo this tattoo is very easy to adapt according to one’s own likes, dislikes, passions, and style preferences. Moreover, anyone can also combine this perfectly designed tattoo with some other decorative motifs.

  1. Bumble bee Tattoo
Bumble bee Tattoo

Bumblebees are the most unique kind of bees that are fuzzier and bigger than normal bees. People usually see them in the summer season, and it is almost impossible to deny their beauty which looks great when inked in the form of a tattoo. Therefore, this astonishing kind of tattoo can mean a lot of things like

  • loyalty
  • Peacefulness
  • Nobility and many more

While for some people bumble bees appear to be scary physically, but they are quite friendly in reality. If you pair up a bumble bee tattoo with some beautiful flowers, you can send a sweet note or message related to the growth and renewal of the flowering season. Of course, the more specific meaning of any styled tattoo depends directly on the type of flower drawn with it.

However, one thing for sure about the tattoo of bumble bee is that it proves an extraordinary choice for people who find duty close to their hearts and try to seek their values of honor.

  1. Flowers and Bee Tattoos  
Flowers and Bee Tattoos  

In past, the honey bees and colorful flowers share a very unique and close bond together which is worth emulating in the form of an inked tattoo as well. If anyone does not like a simplistic tattoo with a bee design merely, he can customize it by adding different colored flowers and leaves with it, it will prove a great idea indeed.

Moreover, when it comes to the real selection of flowers to be drawn in the tattoo, you just need to be a little more creative for having the exact vibe and meaning of it which you want for yourself.

One remarkable option for you is to choose any beautiful flower with some petalled leaves, those of which perfectly complement the yellow and black colored pattern of the honey bees. On the other hand, you can also go for a contrasting color flower completely. Remember, every flower and its color combination possess its own sense of meaning in the tattoo, so one must take that into consideration as a priority.

A good example of this may be a sunflower. It represents hope and everlasting love with a sensation of romance.

Role of A Bee Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist is a professional person that gets different insects inked on different body parts with the passion of his art and education. The primary goal of the honey bee tattoo artists is to create a welcoming, safe and creative space for clients while focusing on comfort, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Your Bee Tattoo artist can therefore help you learn the actual meaning of different designs of tattoos and their combinations with several other naturally complementing elements. He may also assist you in choosing the ideal kind of tattoo style for you according to your personality and goals.

Honey bee tattoo artist

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